Born and raised in "Da Bronx", I fell in love with drawing by way of television when I was a mere 3-years old. The early anime imports, cartoons and sci-fi broadcast in my youth gave me this urge to draw and emulate the fantastic imagery I witnessed to try to comprehend the moving image. After seeing TV shows like Gigantor (Tetsujin 28), Marine Boy, Speed Racer, and the Marvel Superheroes in my youth something awakened in me.

Exposure to great classic Sci-fi shows like Gene Rodenberry's Star Trek and UFO by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson only exacerbated my interest and fully awakened my Muse. The moving image, especially in animation, became my driving goal to create throughout my life.

I love my craft!


"Kenn Dancer II is a superb background artist, concept artist, digital artist, editor, illustrator, layout artist, production assistant and storyboard artist. Art is his life and he is always looking for a new challenge to overcome." __Reginald D. Thomas Jr.